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Answer 7

There is such an abundance of activities that the problem is not social isolation, but how are we going to get all our schoolwork done this week with all the field trips and other activities we have planned? Most homeschoolers say that socialization is the least of their worries. Besides homeschool activities, most are involved in community sports, music lessons, scouting, church youth groups, etc. Be sure to look at our EVENTS page and EVENTS BOARD for a listing of coming activities. And homeschoolers spend quality social time with one another. Studies have shown Homeschoolers to be more socially mature than their public school counterparts, yet they are not embarrassed to play "baby games" with younger children because they are very secure emotionally. We have seen kids who were attending public school who had developed very poor self-images become very confident children after a very short time of homeschooling. Being put in a room all day with 30 other children that are the same age as you is a very artificial social environment. Is everyone at your place of work the same age and level of maturity? Homeschoolers have more experience socializing with people of all ages. The schools have created an almost prison atmosphere, and many times the children act like inmates and many suffer the consequences.

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